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ScaleX Summit 2024

ICC, Belfast on November 13th, 2024

ScaleX Summit 2024: Ireland's Dedicated Scaling Summit

Join us as the ScaleX Summit returns to Belfast on November 13th, 2024. Once again, the ICC in Belfast will take centre stage, bringing together 900+ business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the UK and Ireland for another ground-breaking gathering.

The ScaleX Summit continues to be an all-encompassing event that welcomes businesses of all sizes, from budding startups to well-established organisations with ambitions to scale. Featuring a line up of global keynote speakers, attendees will once again have the opportunity to delve into the latest industry trends, challenges, and best practices that define today's ever-evolving business landscape. Stay tuned for more details as we prepare for another year of inspiration and innovation!

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What to Expect

Learn from global thought leaders and engage in thought-provoking sessions on scaling and investment, high-performance teams, visionary leadership, sales for hypergrowth and sustainability. Unlock your business's full potential, propelling it to unprecedented heights of success.


Set in the heart of Belfast, the state-of-the-art ICC provides an unparalleled backdrop for this event. From networking opportunities to invaluable insights, ScaleX Summit is the ultimate destination for ambitious entrepreneurs. Mark your calendars and register now for this must-attend event as we champion Ireland's thriving business community and lay the groundwork for a prosperous future for the business and wider community. 

Find out what our 2023 partipants said about the Summit.

2024 Summit Speakers 

The ScaleX Summit 2024 is set to be bigger and better than 2023. We are passionate about bringing a range of world class speakers together to inspire, connect and enable leaders to unlock their full potential & scale their businesses successfully.

Why will 900+ Business Leaders gather in Belfast?

Three great reasons: Inspiring Speakers, Exceptional Networking, and Revolutionary Leadership Insights. We've built a reputation for curating transformative events for Ireland's business leaders, and this year is no exception. This isn't just another business conference - it's the premier scaling event of the year, crafted by seasoned global trailblazers. Get ready to reshape your future this November. Be a part of the revolution in Belfast. 

Discover Belfast

First time in Belfast? Want to make sure that you see the most iconic sites the city has to offer? We've highlighted our favourites sites in Belfast. Visit them to get a true flavour of the city's culture and history.   


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The ScaleX Insider Podcast is aimed at business leaders who are ambitious to scale. The show features a series of insightful conversations with authors, change makers and business leaders on one or more of our ScaleX Principles to support you on your scaleup journey to success.  


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ScaleX Insights

Meet Niamh Donnelly 

I'm Niamh Donnelly, Director of Client Engagement and your key point of contact throughout this event. I'm here to assist you with any questions you might have or any support you might need. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. I'm more than happy to help ensure your experience at the summit is a successful and enjoyable one.

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Niamh Donnelly from Simple Scaling

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ScaleX Summit will be the scaling event of the year.


Bringing together 900+ business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the UK and Ireland for a ground-breaking gathering, this all-encompassing summit embraces businesses of every size, from budding startups to established organisations with ambitions to scale.


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