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ScaleX Accelerator Programme

We don’t discover powerful leaders, we help people in leadership positions unlock the power of their own voice.

ScaleX™ Accelerator is a 12 month programme that provides business leaders including CEOs and MDs from small to medium sized businesses with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to scale with purpose and with joy, flow, and ease. This Programme equips and develops business leaders to manage stronger businesses, achieve greater control, find better life balance, and ultimately achieve scale —all while ensuring that the entire organisation is healthy, high-performing, and unified. Whatever challenges you face, we can help you face them head on.

Business Leaders attending the ScaleX Accelerator Programe

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The ScaleX Accelerator Programme Difference

A programme for CEOS designed by CEOS

The programme is designed and delivered by business leaders who have lived the scaling journey. We change the lives of participating CEO’s, providing the ground breaking practical skills and techniques required to accelerate progress and drive results to scale successfully.

The Scaling Playbook

It provides the Playbook for scaling which answers the questions of any scaling CEO.

Spend Time With Like-Minded People and Global Thought Leaders 

Spend time with some of the most influential minds from around the world to inspire your scaling progress and meet like-minded visionaries.

Designed  for companies seeking scale

The programme is aimed at scaling not growth – scaling companies gain additional momentum that brings greater success than those organisations growing at a more conservative pace.


It is practical and immersive in nature and participants are held accountable to embed improvements and to implement techniques from workshop to workshop.

25x Scaling Record

The ScaleX Accelerator programme is the result of 75 years’ experience of our team scaling a company to #1 in its industry and their authentically lived journey to 25X. It takes our business leaders through the mistakes and learnings over that period of growth.

Cultivate a Limitless Mindset

Concentration on the Psyche sets it apart through the incorporation of the Wim Hof method to build resilience, cope with stress and challenges head on. We challenge the ambition of the CEO and provide the techniques to build a positive growth mindset 

Claire Colvin and Brendan McGurgan Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Meet Your Programme Hosts

Claire Colvin and Brendan McGurgan are the Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling and bring with them 75 years of scaling excellence having scaled one business to become #1 in its market.   


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