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We provide the conditions, the support, the structure and the know-how to allow leaders of SME’s to articulate their vision and unlock the true capability of themselves and in turn their business. Thriving in the world of high achievers we challenge them to reach even higher standards.

Leaders are not born but made. And we make leaders. Leaders who may come with natural fears and anxieties about their skills and place in their business but who leave after every interaction with us, more inspired, more prepared, more confident.

You see our total focus is on the person. The person who has to make decisions that matter. The person who decides not only the direction to head in but where that direction ultimately takes them and their company. Critically the person who has to foresee why that destination is worth the journey and inspire people to join them, stay the course, help clear the way, carry others and remove every obstacle along the path.

We build leaders by building the person. Mind, body and entrepreneurial soul. We open minds by giving access to latest thinking and world class speakers. We teach and train the body to be more prepared, more resilient, more ready for the challenge. And oh the wonderful challenge. The momentous, beautiful, scary, brave, game-changing, ‘how-could-I-ever do that’ challenge that drives people, communities, societies and mankind to do better, to move forward, to make progress. If you believe your challenge will make a difference, we can be the difference. Every detail, every technique, every insight, every marginal gain can be the difference between success and failure. Making your dream or falling short.

We do not consult and stand back to watch. We walk the walk with you to your goals. Remind you, you can, you will, you must. Stand by your side. Your champion, your support, your trusted advisor. Your ‘go to’, your cornerman, your sherpa for the road ahead, your counsel for the mindset shift required to take you there.


The ScaleX Accelerator Programme

ScaleX™ Accelerator is a 12 month programme that provides business leaders including CEOs and MDs from small to medium sized businesses with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to scale with purpose and with joy, flow, and ease. This Programme equips and develops business leaders to manage stronger businesses, achieve greater control, find better life balance, and ultimately achieve scale —all while ensuring that the entire organisation is healthy, high-performing, and unified. Whatever challenges you face, we can help you face them head on.

Simple Scaling: 10 Proven Principles to 10x Your Business

IN CLEAR, UNAMBIGUOUS PROSE, the ten principles within these pages offer all the knowledge you need to achieve scale—from developing a scaleup psyche to establishing your purpose, sourcing the right people, planning, and implementing repeatable performance to fuel 10x growth. 


This comprehensive, down-to-earth guide will walk you through each stage of the scaling process in one elegant, integrated framework, showing you how to overcome all the challenges you’ll meet along the way. If you want to scale your business, SIMPLE Scaling is your source code. 


Written by business leaders who have been there and done that, it’s the only book you need to beat the odds.

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What Our Clients Say About the Programme...

Life-changing, tremendous, mind-expanding, exhilarating, stimulating, diverse...just some of the words used to describe the ScaleX Accelerator Programme.


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Listen to the ScaleX Insider Podcast

The ScaleX Insider Podcast is aimed at business leaders who are ambitious to scale. The show features a series of insightful conversations with authors, change makers and business leaders on one or more of our ScaleX Principles to support you on your scaleup journey to success.  


You can listen to our latest podcast here right now or access it through Apple, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube. New episodes on Wednesdays. You can also subscribe via the show’s RSS feed. Please rate, review, subscribe and share the podcast if you enjoy it and have gained value from listening. 

Brendan McGurgan, Host of the ScaleX Insider Podcast

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ScaleX Summit will be the scaling event of the year.


Bringing together 900+ business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the UK and Ireland for a ground-breaking gathering, this all-encompassing summit embraces businesses of every size, from budding startups to established organisations with ambitions to scale.


Meet Niamh Donnelly 

I'm Niamh Donnelly, Director of Client Engagement and your key point of contact throughout this event. I'm here to assist you with any questions you might have or any support you might need. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. I'm more than happy to help ensure your experience at the summit is a successful and enjoyable one.

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Niamh Donnelly from Simple Scaling
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