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ScaleX Summit Speakers

ScaleX Summit is assembling an awe-inspiring array of world class leaders and experts in business and scaling for an immersive one-day event filled with interactive, engaging, and practical content. 

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Daniel Priestley

Proposition: Become a Key Person of Influence

For Daniel Priestley its simple, businesses exist to solve meaningful problems and scaling is the bedrock of business. 

Having built and sold multi-million-dollar businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK, Daniel, who lives in London with his wife Alena, is recognised as one of the Top 10 Business Advisors in the UK by Enterprise Nation.

And, starting with nothing, he knows every entrepreneur with fantastic solutions needs guidance and support to become a key person of influence capable of leading a successful, scaling business.

Daniel will use his time at ScaleX to show you how the possibilities are limitless when you unlock your potential.

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Dr Mithu Storoni

Psyche: Optimise Your Mental Performance

Dr Mithu Storoni is a University of Cambridge-trained physician, neuroscience researcher and ophthalmic surgeon. She advises multinational corporations on mental performance and stress management.

Dr Storoni draws upon a wealth of science-based activities to overcome the debilitating symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety. She will give you the tools to help you recognise your own mental health is suffering and provide straightforward techniques to help you.

She is a world leader in her field and we are honoured Dr Storoni will be one of the speakers at this year’s ScaleX Summit.

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Jack Daly

Performance: Life By Design

At ScaleX we believe that leaders are not born, they’re made. And to build the person capable of leading organisations, inspiring teams and plotting a course to achieve scale, you need a world class coach.

So, strap yourself in because here comes Jack Daly, an extraordinary sales speaker, trainer and Amazon best-selling author with more than three decades of experience and an enviable track record of building six companies into leading national firms.

A giant in the business world, he is an ironman in his personal life. Quite literally. At the age of 57 Jack completed his first ironman challenge and went on to represent Team USA in this gruelling sport.

You might not swim with sharks after listening to Jack, but you will be inspired, and you will have the formula for taking your people and business to the next level.

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Mac Lackey

Exit DNA: Perfect Exit Strategy

When Mac speaks people listen. 

Mac Lackey has been in your shoes. He has lived the ‘grind’ of being an entrepreneur and knows the stresses that can come with it. He has failed, made mistakes and learned things the hard way.

Those years in the ‘grind’ and the experiences of successfully scaling and exiting businesses have left him with a process which works, which he will share with you at the ScaleX Summit.

His programmes are designed to provide driven entrepreneurs with tactics and proprietary strategies needed to create a more valuable business

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Performing Perfectly

Communicating with Confidence

Effective communication is crucial for scaling your business.


At this year’s summit, Lucy and Georgie from Performing Perfectly who are seasoned experts from the worlds of theatre and psychology, will lead two engaging workshops focused on enhancing your personal communication style.

In these workshops, you’ll gain and refine the communication skills necessary for clearer and more effective leadership. These skills are proven to improve teamwork and business outcomes, as evidenced by Lucy and Georgie's work with prominent organisations like the FA and the NHS.

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Norman Crowley

Purpose: It's All About the Team

For Norman Crowley, it’s always been about the work.

Great ideas are hugely important but having the right team in place to execute those ideas is where the magic happens.

As a 16 year-old Norman had eight people working for his welding company. He was always destined for success.

He is now a global entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful businesses including Trinity Commerce, one of the first e-commerce services companies, Europe’s largest Wi-Fi operator, The Cloud, and the world’s first server-based gaming domain, Inspired Gaming Group.

As CEO of the Cool Planet Group his focus is now on tackling climate change – it’s all about the work!

Norman is known for his contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions, and a capacity for motivational leadership.

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Niall O’Murchu

Psyche: Unlocking Your Body's Potential

Niall O’Murchu has spent most of his adult life helping people all around the world to improve their health, feel calmer and be more open and loving.

Author of the best-selling book, The Blissful Breath, Niall is also a Level 3 Wim Hof Method Instructor, teacher of coherent breathing and breath-body-mind techniques. He is a herbalist, expert in shamanic healing, ceremonial cacao facilitator, teacher of reiki and a former international athlete.

We all know the safety advice cabin crew issue before take-off. ‘Make sure that your own mask is on first before helping others’.

To be in a position to help others, you have to take care of yourself first. Niall will give you the guidance to make sure your mask is always secured, leaving you in an optimum position to help your team and lead from the front.

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Speaker X

Something exciting is coming

We have 1 final speaker to add to our world class line up

at the ScaleX Summit

Watch this space...

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