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Ireland's First Dedicated Business Scaling Summit

Day 1 of Your Scaling Revolution

CEO or founder, big or small, aspiring for growth and an exit or creating a legacy, ScaleX Summit is the event for you. It's an exclusive one-day event offering a reflective platform away from daily operations to realign with your business's future, a task only you can fulfil. With world-class speakers, it's a catalyst for inspiration, fostering a mindset shift. Act on it, leverage the tools we will provide to advance towards your vision, or allow us to help you create one if it doesn't exist. Learn to maximise your team's efficiency, attract investors, and enhance business value. Consider it day one towards scaling up, joining the exclusive 1% achievers. Be the change. Attend ScaleX Summit.

Are you stuck in the business trenches?

The Summit will broaden your vision for success, liberating you from the depths of operational challenges, propelling you towards strategic leadership.

Master Value Creation

Embrace the art of mastering value creation as your key to unlocking sustainable success in your business journey.

Harness the Power of Purpose 

Discover the transformative power of purpose that champions people and the planet, and learn how it can dramatically elevate your business's value, influence, and sustainable impact.

The ScaleX Summit Network

Join our network: connect, collaborate, and grow with like-minded business leaders.

Discover the future of Hyper Sales Growth

Create a high-performing, hyper sales focused business to supercharge your scaling journey.

Vision-Crafting: Ignite Inspiration, Shape Reality

Feel inspired to craft a compelling vision that propels your business into a successful future.

Master Calm & Resilience

Discover the secrets of maintaining unwavering calm and resilience, navigating business challenges with poise and determination for enduring success.

Who should attend ScaleX Summit?

ScaleX Summit is a must-attend for leaders who recognise the loneliness of their role and the imperative of thinking forward. It doesn't matter if you're the founder of a small company with a 10 person team curious about scaling, or a CEO of a 200 person SME with 8-figure revenues harbouring aspirations of high growth. If you intend to exit in three years or are building a legacy for future generations, ScaleX Summit offers you this is a one-off opportunity for you and your Team to step away from the bowels of the business, to think on the business for one day rather than working in it. Don't miss this chance. Join the ScaleX Summit.

Why Attend?

Join us on November 15th, 2023, at the cutting-edge ICC in Belfast for the inaugural ScaleX Summit, a ground-breaking event that will redefine Ireland's business landscape.


Hear from world-renowned experts including Professor Damian Hughes, a leading motivational speaker, best-selling author, sports psychologist and host of the High-Performance Podcast; Jack Daly, a sales guru and entrepreneur; Marga Hoek, a sustainable business visionary and member of Thinkers50; Dr. Oleg Konovalov, who has been described as “the Da Vinci of Visionary Leadership" and Nick Bradley, a business scaling expert with 100 acquisitions under his belt, 26 businesses sold and over $5bn in value created. 


These distinguished thought leaders will share their wealth of experience and knowledge, inspiring business leaders to take their companies to new heights. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and elevate your business.

(Standard Price £495.00 + VAT)

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Join us for the latest thinking on the future of scaling

The Future of Hyper Sales Growth

Building high-performance sales teams and achieving rapid revenue growth.

Amplifying Growth: The Dynamic Impact of Scaling and Investment

Scaling a business to achieve maximum growth and profitability and exit fast. 

Sustainability for Greater Profitability and Impact

Integrating sustainability into business practices to create a positive impact on the world and become more profitable.

Ascend to Greatness: Unleash Your Peak Mindset

The Power of Cultivating a Peak Mindset for proactive resilience, ambitious goals, continuous growth, enhanced focus, and greater success for a fulfilling, impactful life.

Visionary Leadership for Long-Term Success

Leadership and vision to drive business growth, and build a culture of innovation and collaboration.

The Power of High Performing Teams in Scaling Success

Creating high levels performing teams that drive growth through collaboration, innovation, agility, and a shared purpose to deliver  Remarkable Achievements.


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Meet Niamh Donnelly 

I'm Niamh Donnelly, Head of Operations and Engagement and your key point of contact throughout this event. I'm here to assist you with any questions you might have or any support you might need. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. I'm more than happy to help ensure your experience at the summit is a successful and enjoyable one.

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Niamh Donnelly Simple Scaling

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ScaleX Summit will be the scaling event of the year.


Bringing together 500+ business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the UK and Ireland for a ground-breaking gathering, this all-encompassing summit embraces businesses of every size, from budding startups to established organisations with ambitions to scale.


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