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Norman Crowley

Do you want to know how to build a unicorn business sustainably from scratch?

Norman Crowley is a distinguished international entrepreneur, renowned for founding several highly successful businesses. Among his ventures, he founded The Cloud, which stands as Europe's largest Wi-Fi operator, and Inspired Gaming Group, recognized globally as the foremost company in server-based gaming. He also established Trinity Commerce, a pioneer in the eCommerce services sector, and Crowley Carbon, a notable firm in the energy efficiency field.

Norman's business acumen has led to the significant growth of multiple companies, transitioning them from start-ups to entities generating millions in annual sales. His strategies encompass effective business planning, creative sales techniques, and innovative marketing approaches.

In this session, Norman Crowley will discuss key leadership strategies for scaling businesses with a focus on innovation and sustainability. He'll explore developing a growth mindset in leaders, leveraging customer-centric strategies for mutual profitability, and enhancing team performance. Additionally, he'll emphasise the importance of candid communication, setting transformative global goals, and strategically hiring individuals who align with and energise your company's values. 

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