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  • Claire Colvin

Scaling Businesses Amount to a Startling 2% – 4% of all SMEs

Most SMEs experience little or no growth. The much talked about ‘gazelles’ (those that grow turnover by 20% for 3 consecutive years) are in fact a rare species. Even prior to the pandemic, they only amounted to a startling 2% - 4% of all SMEs. A widespread desire to increase the number of gazelles is clear, largely due to the potential to provide tens of thousands of new jobs and contribute billions to our economy, but the businesses that have grown in the past are not necessarily the ones that will grow in the future. What is certain are the common attributes that make up the DNA of this cherished species, such as the will and ambition of the founder, an inspiring purpose and vision, robust systems and processes and the spirit and energy of the team.

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